How to Optimize Your Facebook Page – 20 Best Page Optimization Tips

How to Optimize Your Facebook Page

Undoubtedly Facebook is the number one social media site around the world. This is the third-largest most visited website on the planet. Facebook could be the best marketing channel for any type of business.

Business success depends on the proper uses of Facebook features. In this article, I will show you how to optimize your Facebook business page.

Facebook allows us to create a page for our business. It is free and very easy to create a Facebook business page. But who loves to like a blank page. For business success, you have to optimize your pages.

How to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

Choose The Perfect Name

This is the first thing you put when you create your page. The funny name works better on Facebook. But if you have a business and you doing your business a couple of years then add your brand name in the name section.

Your name should represent your product or service. So make sure you select the right name.

Claim Your URL

Never settle the automated Facebook generated URL. Make sure you selected the right one. Select a URL that represents your business in front of your customers.

Optimize Your Profile Picture

For business, it should be your logo. Make sure it is clear and easily understandable. A square image works better for the profile. Double-check and confirm that it describes what you do.

Optimize Your Cover Photo

Cover photo works as a billboard. This is the main part people see when people visit your page. Add your main product or service specialty what makes your business different from your customers.

Add a Relevant Call to Action Button

On your business page, you have the ability to add a call to action. Facebook allow us some option, you can add send message button, Website URL, Call now button, and some other options are available.

Make it relevant to your goal. If you want to generate website visitors then add learn more button and include your website. If you want to get a phone call from your customers then add call now button and include your business phone number.

Pay Close Attention to the “About us” Section

In the about section, you have the option to describe why you using these pages. What Type of product you sell or what type of service you provide.

Add Your Business Address

If you are a local business owner you provide service for any specific area make sure you have added your address. Facebook page has this option for local business. If you add your business it will allow you to create get direction post.

Add Your Business Hour

As a local business, you don’t provide service 24/7. If you are a restaurant owner or you are a service provider and you have a Facebook page then make sure you added your opening and closing hour.

Add Your Business Phone Number

If you want to generate a phone call from your customers. Then make sure you have added your business phone number on your page. If you want to create a call now post you have to add your phone number.

Add Your Short and Long Description

In these two places, you can add your main focusing keywords. Write a great description for your page and optimize it with proper keywords. Add a nice short description that represents your business.

Use Pin post

In your Facebook business page, you can add a pinned post. Select your most engaging post and make it as your pin post. Whenever visitors visit your page they will see the post. So pin important posts to the top of your page.

Add your Story

A business page allows you to add your company story. write your story and make it interesting. So that your audience can love your company. Make it emotional so that they fall in love with your business.

Use Template

The Facebook business page has some awesome features. You can add a template according to your business. So, select a template where you can express your business.

Organize your tab

On your business page, you will see so many tabs. If you want to you can change them according to your choice.

Use Auto Replay

If you are only one person who manages your social media then set up an auto-reply on Facebook. Whenever your customers ask any question you can set an instant answer for them. You can tell them to make a call or you can send them to your website.

Connect Your Other Social Media

If you have a YouTube channel, Instagram and Twitter account connect with your Facebook page and link each other.

Connect with your website

If you have a website make sure you have build link with your page. If someone visits your website you have a chance to visit your page also and they can like your page.

Replay Customers Review

Facebook page has a review option. Nowadays people take decisions by reading customer reviews. So make sure you have replied to all of your positive and negative reviews.

Use these techniques and optimize your Facebook business page. Hope this article will help you a lot.