Instagram SEO: How to Optimize Your Instagram Account for SEO Ranking

instagram SEO

1 billion users use Instagram every month and 4.2 billion post users like per day. Every business wants to take advantage of this visual marketing platform. Instagram SEO could help you with this process.

This is difficult to index or display Instagram account on search engine like google, yahoo, Bing.

Instagram hide all the pictures and account from the search engine. The profiles themselves can still be indexed, but the images are not.

Once you have indexed your Instagram account through search engines. You have a good chance to get more followers from the search engines.

let’s talk about Instagram SEO: Instagram SEO: How to optimize Your Instagram account for SEO Ranking

Instagram SEO: Optimize Your Instagram Username

Your Instagram user name will be your Instagram URL. This is the word that is searchable. This name act like a keyword. Make sure you have added you main focusing keywords. You can add your specialty/industry/passion/location in your username.

Optimize your Instagram Name

This is also searchable on Instagram. Each word in your name acts as an important keyword.

Your user name and name are different. Your Instagram name are the words in bold in your Instagram bio. If possible add your main keyword or a related keyword in the name section.

Instagram SEO: Optimize your Bio

This is the place where you can add some of your main focusing keywords. You have a character limit on the bio section. You are allowed 150 characters on the bio section. Don’t keyword stuffing there.

You have the opportunity to add hashtags and it is clickable. You can also mention your profile with @ sign.

Make sure your profile is set to public

By default all the profile set to the public. In some case, people make it private. Public means anyone can see your profile, your images. Double check your privacy settings and make it public.

Set up social profile schema for Instagram

Google allows you to use markup to tell them which social media profiles are yours. Make sure you do this right way.

Optimize Your Photo:

Instagram is a visual channel. You can showcase your product and service images. Upload good quality clean photos, make sure your main subject is understandable.

Instagram SEO: Use the Image alt tag

This is a new Instagram features, This is powerful for SEO. Use alt tag whenever you upload photos on your Instagram. Your alt tag should be described your image properly.

Link Directly to Your Instagram Post

This is one of the best tips I have for you. Link your Instagram post outside on Instagram. You can link your post from the facebook, twitter, Youtube, website and some others platform.

This Instagram SEO technique will help you to grow your Instagram account organically.