What is Google Drive? How Does It Work?

What is Google Drive
What is Google Drive?

Google drive is one of the widely use of internet or online storage. Whatever file folder you have you can store all of your data in there. People have a variety of question about Google Drive. In this article, I will answer most of the question that I found on the internet. 

What is Google Drive?

Google drive is one of the most popular file storage service developed by Google. Anyone can use google drive and google provide 15GB free space for a lifetime.

When Google Launched Google Drive?

Google launched Drive on April 24, 2012, Google Drive allows users to store files on their servers, synchronize files across devices, and share files.

Is it Free for Life Time?

This is a free service but if you want to use more than 15GB then You have to buy space on the drive.

Sinning up for Google Drive

For Google Drive, you need a google account. visit google.com. A wizard will walk you through the process.

After creating a Google account you have three ways to use 15GB storage on Google Drive these are using the browser, Desktop app and mobile app.

Let’s talk about …

How to Use Google Drive Using Browser

All of you know that we can use google drive in three different ways. The best way I think is using the browser. Most of the major browser allow this if you want to use drive using a browser you have to visit drive.google.com. In here you will see the features. 

My Drive: access your stored files , and folders

My Computer: see what computers are synced

Shared with Me: access files That some other people shared with you

Recent: access recently used files

Google Photos: access your photo library

Starred: view files and folder tagged for the importance

Trash: access your recycle bin the file that you have already deleted

Backups: access your backups

Upgrade Storage: buy more cloud storage

These are the main menu. Now we are going to talk about more details about these menus. 

My Drive: This is the primary folder. Whenever you log in to your account this is the place you will see all of your file folders are here. 

My Computer: you can synchronize and backup all of your computer files. To do this you have to ling the desktop app. We will cover this part later. 

Shared with Me: Drive have shared option, Any file folder you can share with your friend and family. If someone shares the file folder with you, you can find those share documents in this tab.

Recent: In this tab, you will see your recent worked file and folder. If you work with google sheet and docs you will get all of these things. 

Starred: If you think some file or folder is most important you can make them starred. Once you make a file Starred you will see or find those file in here. 

Trash: In this tab, you will get all of your deleted file and folder. 

Google drive has an app for desktop if you want to use you have to download the app. Then install on your computer and enjoy.

Drive also offers an Android app. You can download the app from the play store. Download and install on your android mobile. 

Hope you enjoy this article if you have any question about google drive feel free to comment.