5 Best Free Online SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

Competitor analysis is one of the most important parts of successful online marketing. If you want to rank your site on the major search engine you have to do proper keyword research.

In this post, I will explain to you 5 best free SEO competitor analysis tools, that will help you to get the first page of google. Before going to the details of the tools you have to know some most important metrics.

Search Volume:   every keyword research and competitor analysis tools come with this term. It will show you the number of monthly search for your given keyword. 

For example, if you found a keyword that has 1500 search volume. That means every month 1500 people look for this keyword.

Trend: This represents the last 12-month search volume for a keyword. This can help you to discover the keyword search variation over the year. It is also used for finding seasonal keywords.

SERP Overview: SERP stands for Search Engine Ranking Page. SERP will display you who is already ranking for your given keywords.

Keyword Competition: Keyword competition defines as how competitive this keyword is. The competition number start with 0-100. 

If you found a keyword that shows competition score 10 then it is less competitive. If you found a keyword competition score is 100 then it is more competitive. 

Domain Authority (DA): It represents how authoritative that domain is. DA calculated from 0 to 100. Every domain starts with domain authority 0. Day by day the got popularity and the domain authority start increased. Domain authority is a domain label value. 

Page Authority (PA): Page authority is something like domain authority.   PA calculated as a page label. 

The Number of Backlinks: Not every tool will show you this data. Some tool will show you how many backlinks your competitor has. 

Citation Flow: Citation Flow is a number of predicting how influential a URL might be based on how many sites link to it. 

Trust Flow: Trust Flow is a number predicting how trustworthy a page is based on how trustworthy sites tend to link to trustworthy neighbors.

Paid Difficulty: Estimated competition in paid search. Higher the number the more competitive. 

SEO Difficulty: Estimated competition in organic search. Higher the number the more competitive

Estimated Monthly Visit: How many monthly visitors this domain get from major search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing. 

Once you have ideas about all of the matrices I mention above, Now its time to start the competitor analysis process.

Two way you can start your SEO competitor analysis process by using your competitor URL or typing your main focusing keywords.

If you already know your competitor then it is very easy to start the process. If you are new and you have no ideas who is your main competitor then it is a little bit harder. I will explain to you both of the situations. By using this following tools you can define your competitor strong site and week point. At the same time, you can easily configure your opportunities.

SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

kwfinder.com: This is one of the best tools that I love most. In this tool, you can easily analyze a keyword and also a domain. It will provide you country-specific data and also have a language option. You will find related keywords, trends, search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, SERP overview and more. This tool is premium they have 10 days free trial. 

serpstat.com: The growth hacking tool for SEO, search analytics, PPC, content marketing and more. This tool will provide you search volume, paid competition, keyword difficulty score related keywords, keyword trends, domains with the keyword in the title, pages with a keyword in the title. You will also get the top competitor list on the given keywords. 

Keyword Revealer: One of the most popular and easy to understand keyword and competitor analysis tool. This tool will show you Keyword Ideas, Monthly Volume, Volume Trends, Cost Per Click, Difficulty and SERP overview.

Ubbersuggest: Another most popular free SEO competitor analysis tool. It was a free keyword ideation tool. Neil Patel makes it more valuable. Now it is one of the best free SEO analysis tools. It will give you keyword data based on country. Ubbesuggest also provides you trend, search volume, CPC, Keyword Difficulty, SERP overview, Estimated visit and number of backlink. The best part of this course is it is completely free. 

Semrush: The best and more accurate tools are Semrush. This is not only popular for SEO competition but also popular in paid competition. You will get country-specific data, language-specific data. It will also display all the advertising of your competitor. 

Hopefully, all of you love these tools. You can check out my 5 best free keyword research tools also.