Best Free Keyword Research Tools

Best Free Keyword Research Tools
Best Free Keyword Research Tools

Maybe you are going to start a new website or you are working as an SEO expert. So your main duty to rank your site or your boss website on the top of major search engine.

Whatever you do make sure you have invested enough time for doing keyword research. If you can pick the right keywords then it is very easy to rank and easy to generate traffic to your website.

Well, lets come to the point, In this blog, I will show you the best free keyword research tool that you can use.

What is Keyword?

The keyword is a word or a term that we type or put on a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing. It is also known as search queries.

Before going to the inside of keyword research tools you have to know some very important terms. these are

Search Volum: every keyword research tools comes with this term. It will show you the number of monthly search for your given keyword.

For example, if you found a keyword that has 1500 search volume, That means every month 1500 people look for this keyword.

Trend: This shows the last 12-month search volume for a keyword. This can help you to discover the keyword search variation over the year. It is also used for finding seasonal keywords.

For example, If you see a keyword that has few searches over the year and has a high search volume on a specific month. Its shows the keyword is a seasonal keyword.

CPC: CPC stands for Cost per Click. Google keyword research tools will show you this term. It’s mean how much it will cost you if you want to advertise for this keyword.

For example, if a keyword CPC is shown $5 that’s mean it will cost $5 every time when someone clicks on your ads.

Competition: Some keyword tool comes with the term “keyword competition”. There are two types of keyword competition. One is a paid competition another one is SEO competition. Some tools show competition as a number that starts from 1 end with 100. Some tools show it low, high & medium.

Location: You can effectively research your targeted keyword based on country. Some advanced tools come with country-specific data.

For example, If you select the location Australia keyword tools will show you only Australian data. If you select United state as a location you will get the search volume, competition, trends based on the United State.

Filter: Filter option make keyword research more effective. Some tools allow you to set the filter. You can filter negative keyword, minimum search volume maximum search volume, country, city & more.

Let’s talk about the best free keyword research tools

Best Keyword Research Tool 2018

Ubersuggest: This tool is one of the best tools that I love most. Its allow you to get more specific data than other tools. This free tool comes with search volume, Trends, Paid competition, SEO competition. and some other valuable data. Beside doing keywords analysis you can also analyze the domain top pages, backlink, content and more.

Google keyword planner: This is one of the widely use of free tools by Google. You will get all the necessary data for your research. GKP comes with a search volume, competition, trends and more. It allows you to set location and language. It also allows you to set filter negative keywords. this is one of the best tools for generating keywords idea. For a free user, you are not able to get the search volume, and competition data. But you can generate ideas from Google, Youtube, Amazon, Bing, Plystore, and eBay. It also helps you to get related hashtags from Instagram and Twitter.

Keywordseverywhere: This is one of the best free keyword research tools I have ever seen. They offer free add-ons for Mozilla Firefox and chrome browser. It’s showing you the keyword search volume, CPC, and paid competition and more, They have also paid version.

Bing keyword research tool: most of you don’t know about these free tools. This is one of the advanced tools that I use. It allows you to set up country, date, and language. You can also set a filter. It will show you search volume, trends, related keywords. You can export all the keywords and related data.