How to Make Money on Twitter

How to make Money-on Twitter

Thousands of people want to learn how to make money online. 95% of people failed the main reason they don’t get any clear ideas where they can start.

If you are a newbie you want to make money online, you have no money to invest, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will show you how to make money on twitter.

Why Twitter?

Twitter is one of the best social networking sites on the planet. Twitter has over 300 million active users. No matter what niche you are. You will get highly targeted traffic on Twitter.

Who Can Make Money by Using This Process?

Everyone can make money by using this process. But this process is mainly good for newbie people who want to make money without investing any single dollar.

What You Need To Start This Process?There are some requirements you must have to start this process.

  • You need to Create a Twitter Account.
  • You need to create an account with any affiliate networking site.
  • You need to invest five minutes every day at least the first 2 months.

Once you are ready you have a Twitter account, you have an account with an affiliate site. Now its time to follow the four-step process. These four-step processes are as follows. 

  • Step #1 You will learn how to create a twitter account on how to make your twitter profile more attractive and professional.
  • Step #2 I will show you a free tool that will help you to increase your twitter followers and also help you to manage your twitter profile.
  • Step #3 I will discuss what affiliate network is good for this process and which one is best.
  • Step#4 In this step you will learn how to promote your affiliate product through your followers.

Now I will walk you through the four-step process in more details

Create a Twitter Account and Make it Professional

Most of you have a personal Twitter profile. For Twitter money making process you should create a new account. All of you know how to create a twitter profile. Visit Put your name, email, and password.

Once you have completed creating your account your next step is to make your profile more professional.

There are 6 elements that can help you to make your profile professional.

1. Twitter handle: the Twitter handle is your twitter user name that also appears in your Twitter URL. Your twitter handle should be short and sweet. You can add only 15 characters in your twitter handle.

If you want to change your twitter handle click over the profile photo top right and click the settings button.

2. Twitter Cover Photo: Cover photo is the best place to attract strangers. In your cover photo add some nice graphics so it attracts visitor’s attention. Cover photo specification 1500PX wide by 500PX height.

3. Profile Photo: Add a smiley face that related to your niche. If you promote health product add a doctor or nurse face. Profile photo specification 400 PX wide by 400PX Height.

4. Twitter Full Name: In the name section you can add 20 characters so add a name that represents your niche correctly.

5. Twitter bio: This section is the best section to optimize your profile for visitors. Add your targeted keyword and explained what your account is all about. You can add only 160 Characters in the bio section.

If you want to change your cover photo, profile photo, name and bio click over the button edit profile.

Using a Free Tool to Increase Twitter Followers

Crowdfire: Crowdfireapp is a social engagement tool for Twitter. You can manage your twitter followers, list, post, sending a direct message and much more. You can follow people who are related to your niche. They also have block features. You can increase your followers by following people. Visit Crowdfireapp and log in with twitter.

How to Make Money on Twitter Creating Account With Affiliate Networking Sites

Before going to create an account with affiliate networking site it is important to know what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a process of earning commission selling some other people product.

All affiliate networking site is not newbie friendly. Most of the affiliate site you have to approve by the product owner. But I will show you 2 affiliate sites that are newbie friendly and you don’t need to approve by the product owner. You can promote any product you want.

1. Clickbank is a world best and most popular affiliate site for the digital product. Visit click and create an account. There are hundreds of product available on the click bank market place. You can select the product according to your category. They allow you to promote any product on their website.

2. If your target market is health then market health will be the best for you. They have hundreds of health-related product and also have the CPA offer. Easy to use and you can promote any product.

It is important to find the right product to promote. If you select the wrong product you don’t get any sales. so make sure you know how to select the right product. 

How to Promote Affiliate product Using Twitter

There are three ways you can promote affiliate product using twitter. You can add the link on your bio section. You can use pin tweet option and pin the affiliate link with a niche image. Another way you can promote your affiliate link that’s is to tweet your link on a regular basis.

I hope you get clear ideas about how to make money on twitter without investing any money. If you have any question feel free to ask here.